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High Availability, Managed Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting


Our Singapore-based cloud infrastructure focuses on redundancy at every point of failure and on performance, to keep your mission critical applications up and running.


Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

No need to worry about bandwidth exceeded for your web or email traffic under fair usage.

High Performance

High Performance

Experience high performance hosting from our enterprise-grade servers/network equipment and optimization.


Premium Network & Datacentre

Premium Network & Datacentre

Fully redundant Tier-1 network with DDoS Protection, hosted in a Tier-3+ Datacentre to achieve highest uptime.

Premium 24/7 Support

Premium 24/7 Support

Expert friendly support team available always, to handle any issues with your hosting.


Virtuozzo / VMware vSphere



vmware vsphere


Virtuozzo is a high-security, high-performance virtualization solution for delivering high-availability cloud servers to customers.


VMware vSphere, another industry-leading virtualization platform for building true cloud infrastructure with high-availbility and high performance.

Complete Range of Supported Operating Systems (OS)

supported OS

Our cloud infrastructure is capable of supporting a full range of Operating Systems widely used in the industry today. Some of these include Windows Server, RedHat, CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian & Fedora.


Additional hosting control panels like cPanel and Plesk Panel are also supported on our reliable platform.

Redundant Cloud Infrastructure



virtuozzo cloud storage



vmware cloud infrastructure


High-Performance Cloud Storage

Enterprise-grade harddisks are used to ensure the highest level of disk performance and durability possible.

Our Virtuozzo uses Solid State Drive (SSD) technology to deliver blazing I/O performance through our storage cluster.


Cloud Server Pricing

Pay for the computing resources you need. This ensures agility in your business, where you can scale up or down your resources to adapt to the changing market conditions and the requirement of your business.



Server Management Basic is included FREE with all our VPS/Cloud/Dedicated Hosting Plans.

S$60 / mo S$90 / mo S$150 / mo Customize From S$60 / mo
CPUs 1 vCPU 2 vCPUs 4 vCPUs 1 - 12 vCPUs
Guaranteed RAM 2GB 4GB 8GB 2GB - 64GB
Disk Space 60GB 80GB 120GB 60GB - 500GB
IP Addresses 1 1 1 1 - 5
Bandwidth* Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Network Speed 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
Configure Now!

Additional IP @ S$10.00 / month

Upgrade to 200 Mbps Shared Bandwidth @ S$100 per month
Dedicated Bandwidth @ S$300 per 10 Mbps / month
Dedicated Bandwidth @ S$500 per 20 Mbps / month
Dedicated Bandwidth @ S$1000 per 50 Mbps / month
Dedicated Bandwidth @ S$1600 per 100 Mbps / month

Operating System
CentOS/Ubuntu @ Free
CloudLinux @ S$20.00 / month
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard @ S$20.00 / month 
Windows Server 2016 Standard @ S$20.00 / month 

Control Panel
Plesk Onyx Web Admin (10 Domains) @ S$15 / month
Plesk Onyx Web Pro (30 Domains) @ S$25 / month
Plesk Onyx Web Host (Unlimited Domains) @ S$35 / month
cPanel (Unlimited Domains) @ S$25 / month

Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2017 Express @ Free
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Web (per two-core) @ S$20.00 / month (min four-core)
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Standard (per two-core) @ S$230.00 / month (min four-core)
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Web (per two-core) @ S$20.00 / month (min four-core)
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard (per two-core) @ S$230.00 / month (min four-core)

Backup & Security
R1Soft Backup Software @ S$20 / month, S$20 setup fee
Backup Storage @ S$10 per 50GB / month
Imunify360 Firewall & Anti-malware (Single User) @ S$10.00 / month
Imunify360 Firewall & Anti-malware (30 Users) @ S$20.00 / month
Imunify360 Firewall & Anti-malware (Unlimited) @ S$36.00 / month
Managed Shared Hardware Firewall @ S$100.00 / month, S$100 setup fee
Server Management Pro @ S$120.00 / month


If you have any enquiries regarding our cloud server hosting, kindly contact us at


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