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Every company needs a functional IT infrastructure for their everyday operations. However, not every one of them has an effective IT team to manage or support these infrastructures. Furthermore, with evolving requirement as the company grows, it makes it an even more difficult task.

At APC Hosting, we provide professional and trust-worthy IT support service catered to Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our dedicated and experienced team of technical staff are available 24/7 to provide you with technical assistance and coverage.

You can now have a peace of mind while focusing on your core business operations.


Office IT Support Services



Consultation Services


Preventive Services

  • IT Infrastructure Analysis
  • IT Infrastructure Fine-tuning
  • IT Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Backup Solutions
  • Hardware Redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)


Maintenance Services


Reactive Services

  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Network Maintenance
  • PCs Maintenance
  • Quarterly Service Review
  • Emergency On-site Support
  • Remote Support (Ticket, Phone, Remote Access)
  • 24/7 Response Team, 2 Hours Response Time
  • One-time Incident Support



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