Hardware Service Level Agreement

APC Hosting assures the Customer of the following service levels and standards for our hardware:

    • Regular maintenance, servicing and upgrading may be undertaken for server hardware.
    • Provision of at least 24 hours written notice prior to any scheduled and upgrade maintenance via email sent to the Customer's email address.
    • Hardware replacement is guaranteed to be complete within SIX (6) hours of problem identification. The hardware replacement timer begins once customer opens trouble ticket and APC Hosting has determined the cause of the problem to be faulty hardware. The period of time it takes to troubleshoot the server and identify the problem is outside of the SIX (6) hours Hardware SLA.
    • Replacement of failed hardware does not include time required to reload the operating system or applications.
    • APC Hosting shall not be responsible for any loss of data due to hardware failure or during the process of hardware replacement. Customers are strongly encouraged to back up their data from their server regularly.
    • In the event APC Hosting is not able to meet the Hardware Service Level Assurance, APC Hosting will reimburse ONE (1) full day of credits to the Customer for every ONE (1) hour additional of hardware failure (up to 100% of customer’s monthly server fee).
    • In order for you to receive a credit, you must request such credit by 7th day of the following month in which you experienced hardware failure. You must request credit by contact our Support Department. The body of this message must contain, the dates, times and the nature of the issue, and your account username. Credits will be granted within seven days of your credit request if APC Hosting confirms the failure of meeting the Hardware SLA. All credits given are non-refundable and may only be used to pay current or future service fees.
    • Hardware SLA is not inclusive of the scheduled and upgrade maintenance which APC Hosting may carry out occasionally and will inform the Customer at least TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours prior to the maintenance.

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