Complete Data Protection (CDP)

complete data protectionAt APC Hosting, we understand the value of data to our customers. We believe that data is a valuable asset to any organisation, and the loss of it could potentially render the organisation useless.

APC Hosting is proud to utilise a complete four-pronged approach, the Complete Data Protection solution in protecting the data of our customers.

All shared hosting services provided by APC Hosting are protected by our Complete Data Protection solution (Level 1 & 2) as part of our disaster recovery plan.

For other hosting services like VPS, Cloud Server Hosting, Dedicated Server & Co-location, these are offered as optional services to our customers who require them as the requirement for different type of services can be different.

Level 1 Protection: RAID Data Protection

All our hosting servers are configured with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) to ensure in the event of any hard disk failure, there are always mirrored hard disks available real-time to fail-over to.

Level 2 Protection: Remote Backup (Weekly)

Hosting accounts and data are being backed up weekly onto our remote server. These backups provide a basis for account restoration when required.

Level 3 Protection: Continuous Backup r1soft

All data are continuously being replicated over onto a seperate server to ensure even if the backups or data on the current server are destroyed, the data will still be available on another server for bare-metal restoration. We utilise industrial-class R1Soft Continuous Data Protection solution for continuous replication and protection for our servers' data. This is available as an optional service.

Level 4 Protection: Off-site Backup

On a monthly basis, backups are re-located to another site as part of our business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan to ensure customers' data backup are available even in the worst case scenario where disaster is experienced on-site. This is available as an optional service.


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Thank you for the Business Superbrands 2014 booklet. Congratulations to everyone in APC!

- Yim Ying, Singapore Institute of Legal Education

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